Once upon a time, in the boundless world of the internet, a crisis hit the Meme Coin Kingdom. The kingdom, once a place full of hope, laughter, and skyrocketing value, was now facing a decline. Meme coins of all shapes and sizes were losing their charm and value. Investors were losing faith, and the market was shrouded in uncertainty and gloom.

In the heart of the kingdom lived a magical leprechaun named Lucky. Unlike most leprechauns who hoard gold, Lucky had a different kind of treasure – a pot full of ancient wisdom and charm. He was a merry spirit who believed in the magic of memes and the power they had in connecting people around the globe.

Seeing the despair in the kingdom, Lucky decided to take action. He knew the meme coins had lost their sparkle not because of their value, but because people had forgotten the joy and unity they represented. The memes were not just about investment and profit; they were symbols of a global, digital culture, uniting people through humor and shared experiences.

With his magical powers and the help of his trusty blockchain, Lucky created a new meme coin, the “Leprecoin”. The coin was imbued with Lucky’s charm, ensuring that anyone who held it would be filled with optimism and a sense of community. But what made Lucky’s Leprecoin truly unique was its connection to Lucky himself. For every positive action done by its holders, like helping a fellow investor or spreading positivity, Lucky would reward them by increasing the value of their Lucky’s Leprecoin.

News of Lucky’s Leprecoin spread across the kingdom. Investors, intrigued by Lucky’s charm and the promise of the Lucky’s Leprecoin, started to believe in the magic of meme coins again. As more people joined in, their collective positivity started to reflect on the value of the Lucky’s Leprecoin, which began to rise.

The meme coin market started to regain its former glory. The joy, the laughter, and the camaraderie returned. Lucky’s magic had not only saved the meme coins but also reminded everyone of their true value: unity, joy, and the power of a global community. And so, the Magical Leprechaun Lucky became a legend in the Meme Coin Kingdom, a symbol of hope and positivity, reminding everyone that the true value of a meme coin lies not just in its market value, but the joy and unity it represents. As long as people believed in that, the Meme Coin Kingdom would continue to thrive.

Central Exchange Listings

Toobit Crypto Exchange

Biconomy Crytpo Exchange

Coinstore Crytpo Exchange

Tokpie Crytpo Exchange


Lucky’s Leprecoin

Token Name


Token Symbol


ERC 20 Contract Address

Token Distribution

Total Supply: The total supply of Lucky’s Lucky’s Leprecoin will be 711 billion tokens. This finite supply will ensure that every Lucky’s Leprecoin remains valuable and prevents any possibility of inflation.

No Buy or Sell Transaction Taxes: Unlike many other tokens, Lucky’s Leprecoin will not impose any buy or sell taxes on transactions. This encourages free trading and makes the token more accessible to a wide range of investors.

Ownership Renounced: The original creators renounced ownership of the Lucky’s Leprecoin contract, ensuring that no single entity has control over the token. This provides a level of security for holders and promotes a fair, decentralized system.

Community Driven: Being fully community-driven, the community of token holders will make all decisions about Lucky’s Leprecoin’s development and future. This could be facilitated through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where token holders can vote on proposals.

0 Billion Tokens
Total Supply
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Buy / Sell Tax





0 %
Public Sale
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Liquidity Pool Locked

Distribution: The initial distribution of Lucky’s Leprecoin is as follows:

100% for Public Sale: 100% of tokens were available for purchase during the launch of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Liquidity pool: locked for 5 years.

Use Case: Lucky’s Leprecoin currently has no use case and is a community-driven meme coin. But in the future might be used as a medium of exchange in an online community, a form of reward in a digital platform, or simply held as a form of a digital asset.


Phase 1: Launch of Lucky’s Leprecoin, initial sale, apply for CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko. Grow Community and holders.

Phase 2: List on Top 20 Central Exchanges and Integration with NFT marketplaces.

Phase 3: Expansion to more global exchanges and Lucky’s Leprecoin merchandise.

Phase 4: Partnerships with online games for Lucky‘s Leprecoin usage.

How To Buy

Step 1:

Download and set up a compatible wallet, such as Metamask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet.

Step 2:

Buy Ethereum (ETH) on a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your wallet.

Step 3:

Visit Uniswap in your Metamask, Coinbase, or Trust Wallet browser and connect your wallet.

Step 4:

Copy and paste the contract address into Uniswap or Metamask Wallet token search, and select Lucky’s Leprecoin “$LUCKYSLP” as your desired token and swap ETH for the amount you want to buy.

Official ETH contract: 0x357c915D7c12dc506d13332Bb06C932aF13e99a0

Community Owned!


1. Introduction: This white paper aims to elucidate the concept, operations, technical underpinnings, and aspirations of a novel meme cryptocurrency token – Lucky’s Leprecoin. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Lucky’s Leprecoin strives to revolutionize the way online communities interact, transact, and spread goodwill.

2. Understanding Meme Tokens: Meme tokens are cryptocurrency assets that started as jokes or memes. Despite their humorous origins, some meme tokens have generated significant attention and value due to community support and social media influence.

3. The Idea behind Lucky’s Leprecoin: Lucky’s Leprecoin derives its inspiration from Irish folklore, symbolizing luck and fortune. Our mission is to provide a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for holders, built on a community-driven approach. “Lucky’s Leprecoin” represents a tokenized form of this communal spirit.

4. Technical Aspects of Lucky’s Leprecoin: Lucky’s Leprecoin operates on the Ethereum blockchain, adhering to the ERC-20 token standard. This ensures compatibility with popular wallets and exchanges and provides robust, decentralized security measures. Additionally, Ethereum’s smart contract capability enables functionalities such as staking and yield farming.

5. Lucky’s Leprecoin Use Cases: While Lucky’s Leprecoin serves as a speculative asset, it also encourages charitable actions. Moreover, partnerships with NFT artists and gaming platforms are in discussion to widen Lucky’s Leprecoin’s applicability.

6. Security Measures: Security is paramount for Lucky’s Leprecoin and to tackle potential ‘rug pulls’, initial liquidity is locked for a predetermined period.

7. Token Distribution: Lucky’s Leprecoin follows a fair token distribution policy. The total supply is 711 billion tokens, with 100% distributed to Uniswap during the initial sale.

Project Team

Mr. Kareem McGlothin MHA


Mr. Michael Drey MS


Mr. Courtney Batts or

Official Email


The content on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, or other professional advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and you should conduct your own research before making any decisions. Lucky’s Leprecoin and its team members are not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur as a result of using the information provided on this website.

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